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For Multi-Unit Residences

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Resnet is a network solutions provider for small to large multi-unit residences. Our services are designed to address the unique problems college dormitories, senior living facilities, apartment complexes, and other residential facilities face when providing Wi-Fi to their residents. We keep your residents connected and happy by designing and managing your network so that it works quickly and reliably every time someone connects.


Our Services

Network Infrastructure

The demands on wireless (Wi-Fi) for functionality and scalability are rapidly increasing. No matter the size of your residential facility, Resnet creates a network infrastructure developed to maximize the availability of Wi-Fi and make the most efficient use of your bandwidth.

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Voice Solutions

We offer Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a solution that combines your phone service with your Wi-Fi to create a cost-efficient and secure converged network.

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Wireless Solutions

Fast and dependable Wi-Fi solutions are essential for today’s society. For business, collaboration, communication, and to keep in touch with family and friends, anytime access to the Internet is critical. Our solutions ensure your network can handle everything from simple Internet searches to data-heavy streaming services.

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Technology Support

No matter how well a network is designed, problems can arise. NetOps, our management solution, keeps your Wi-Fi up and running 24/7, proactively solving problems before they become critical.

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Our Process