network-infrastructureCommon Network Problems

Multi-unit residences face two major challenges when it comes to providing fast and reliable Wi-Fi to residents: Wi-Fi signal strength and density.  Many sources of interference can impact your Wi-Fi signal, and large numbers of people connecting to the network can result in slow Internet speeds or the inability to access Wi-Fi.

A properly managed Wi-Fi environment must be intelligently designed and managed to prevent problems and provide your residents a great Wi-Fi experience.

Efficient Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity your residents expect. Your network needs to handle everything from simple Internet searches to data-heavy applications, downloads, and videos. Unfortunately, many multi-unit residences don’t have the infrastructure necessary to make maximum use of bandwidth and provide Wi-Fi that keeps residents connected and happy.

Resnet’s Network Infrastructure Solutions

Resnet solves these problems by designing intelligent networks that make the best use of bandwidth. Whether your building is new and in need of network infrastructure or if you already have a network, Resnet can optimize your Wi-Fi to work whenever and wherever your residents need it, no matter the size of your facility.

Our process starts with an on-site survey where we evaluate and measure every factor that contributes to the speed and reliability of your network, such as:

  • Number of Wi-Fi access points
  • Building structure and layout
  • Nearby radio frequencies
  • Site geography
  • Your residents’ network needs

Based on these and other factors, we create and install a custom solution that results in a high-performing, converged network for data, voice, and video.

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Network Management with NetOps

Providing consistent Wi-Fi requires more than well-designed infrastructure. Technology support and maintenance helps prevent network congestion and other threats to your Wi-Fi. Through our technology support program, NetOps, our team of IT engineers proactively monitors your network 24/7. We solve problems before they result in downtime. This allows you to focus on managing your property and overseeing residents, not dealing with troublesome IT issues.