tech-supportCommon IT Problems

Your job is to provide a home to students, families, seniors, or other groups of people, not troubleshoot IT problems. However, many property managers and owners have to spend more of their time focusing on technology than on maintaining their property and overseeing residents.

Multi-unit residences face unique connectivity issues that require unique solutions. Some of the most common Wi-Fi problems faced include:

  • Congestion
  • Over-utilization
  • Radio-frequency interference
  • Lack of security

High performance Wi-Fi networks require constant monitoring and management for optimal performance. Sources of radio-frequency interference can develop in an instant, and residents downloading and uploading huge amounts of data can cause the network to become congested and slow. You need intelligent software to recognize and alert expert IT people to these types of problems so they can be quickly remedied before performance is impacted.

Resnet’s IT Solution: NetOps

Resnet’s managed Wi-Fi program, called NetOps, offers a solution to all of these problems and more. Our highly skilled IT engineers proactively manage the network, diagnose, and solve problems before you notice an issue with the performance of your Wi-Fi solution.

Our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) is fully staffed 24/7. The NOC allows us to:

  • See real-time data and information on the availability and health of your entire network
  • Monitor and measure performance of the network and network devices
  • Predict and prevent network problems that lead to downtime
  • Receive alerts when events are detected, allowing us to intervene and prevent downtime
  • Stop reacting and start being proactive in managing your network
  • Keep your residents happy by reducing downtime and maintaining an optimal operational state

Call the Network Operations Center: 844-600-1975

Contact Resnet today for more information about IT management with NetOps.

Two Plans to Fit Your Needs

Managed Service

If you don’t have an IT department, our managed service allows our team to become your team.

Operational Assistance

For multi-unit residences with an IT team, Resnet provides smart, strategic assistance.

NetOps Cost Savings

Hiring one network engineer, let alone a group of IT professionals, can cost upwards of $100,000 per year. With NetOps, you receive an entire team of network professionals dedicated to keeping your network at optimal performance for a fraction of that amount. The larger your network, the more you save.