Wi-Fi Design and Installation

The first challenge of reliable Wi-Fi is a properly designed and installed Wi-Fi network. Resnet has years of experience designing wireless networks for the unique needs of multi-unit residences. Designing an effective Wi-Fi network depends on numerous factors, such as the following and more:

  • The “types” of materials used to construct your property
  • The approximate number of people your Wi-Fi network will support
  • The physical architecture of your property
  • What sources of potential interference detected in the local airspace you will be using
  • What types of “things” the Wi-Fi network will be used for

Resnet studies each of these factors in order to design and implement a wireless network that delivers a reliable Wi-Fi infrastructure. Having and maintaining this infrastructure is the first critical step in the delivery of a high performance, reliable Wi-Fi experience for your residents and staff.

With a nationwide footprint, Resnet has the staff to install your Wi-Fi network quickly and efficiently anywhere across the continental United States. With a completed design from our engineering team, our field technicians can have your Wi-Fi network up and operational quickly, and you can begin enjoying the benefits of our managed Wi-Fi solutions.

Why “Managed” Wi-Fi

Reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi – it’s what everyone wants, but most rarely get! Why?

Wi-Fi is a complicated technology based on transmitting data at high rates within an identified wireless spectrum. The wireless spectrum also competes for airspace with many other types of devices that generate competing signals, including cell phones, radios, and even microwave ovens. Wi-Fi works by connecting your device to a wireless access point (AP) which provides a connection to the Internet from your device.

The problem is that it works the same way for everyone else in your vicinity. So, when multiple people connect their devices to the same access point as you, you’re all sharing the same point of entry on the network and bandwidth on that same access point. This means that whatever neighbors do on their devices can impact your experience using the Wi-Fi service. Further complicating matters is the fact that not all AP’s are the same. They come in many different speeds, shapes, and sizes, and they certainly don’t all work the same.

So, how does Resnet solve this problem? By effectively managing the Wi-Fi (or airspace) to specifically address these issues. Through our cloud based management systems and technical expertise, we manage the Wi-Fi network and what the users are doing in real time, keeping the Wi-Fi system in an optimal state of operation so that all users have a great Wi-Fi experience. We contain bad behavior and establish thresholds on the network to maintain that optimal state for everyone. A unique testing and measurement service is included with our managed Wi-Fi, allowing us to continuously measure the Wi-Fi performance from the end user’s perspective.

Our intelligent agents are installed in the user space, continuously monitoring the airwaves for potential sources of interference. Additionally, they test the network for speed and DNS resolution to provide us essential data on the performance of the network. These data elements are captured and recorded over time to allow our NetOps team to determine and predict what the end user experience is while using the Wi-Fi network. This also allows us to be proactive in support of the network. When we see sluggish or low performance metrics, we act immediately to get those problems identified and resolved before the Wi-Fi user community is affected.

At the end of the day, the most important thing for you and your residents is that your Wi-Fi network works quickly and reliably. Like any other utility such as water or power, your Wi-Fi should always be available when you need it. With our Managed Wi-Fi service, this reliable network solution is exactly what you get!

Contact Resnet today to learn how we can provide dependable Wi-Fi for your multi-unit residence.

Wireless Management with NetOps

Keeping your residents connected and happy depends on more than an excellently developed network. You need a management solution to proactively monitor, measure performance, and solve threats to your Wi-Fi network. NetOps allows our IT engineers to deliver the service and support required to maintain the optimal performance of your Wi-Fi network, 24x7x365, and stop potential threats before they affect your community.

Our NetOps services include:

  • 24x7x365 helpdesk support and technical assistance
  • Cloud-based management for optimal performance and problem resolution
  • Continuous scan of airwaves for sources of Wi-Fi interference
  • Layer 7 control for optimal application visibility and performance enhancement
  • Managed firewall threat detection, content filtering, IPS, anti-virus and anti-phishing
  • Monitoring and alerts to continually protect your private network and confidential data
  • Performance monitoring and measurement of the Wi-Fi solution
  • Scalable service to thousands of users and devices
  • Simple and customizable guest access and management
  • Weekly summary reports that detail the health and performance of the network

You will receive great Wi-Fi service without the headaches! Leave the complexity and details to our NetOps team!

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