Simple, Flexible & Secure Voice Communications for your business AND your residents!

At Resnet, we believe in providing our customers options for their voice solutions. Whether that is traditional analog service, advanced VoIP service, or cloud based PBX service, we can design a solution that meets your communications requirements and budget. We understand no one solution fits all customers, so our options provide great flexibility in how we deliver voice communications and collaboration to your business.

Business Voice Solutions

Managing multi-resident living communities is a business, and like any other business, you need reliability and flexibility in your voice communications. Modern day collaborative voice solutions not only transform and improve the way you communicate, but also save you more money than older, outdated voice service models.

Depending on the size of your business, it may be more beneficial for you to have an on-site VoIP solution that lowers your monthly cost, or a Cloud based PBX solution that lowers your capital expense. At Resnet, we have you covered. We can help you explore the options that best meet your business requirements, and help you determine if there is a way to reduce your expense while improving your communications.

Benefits of VoIP

  • Easy administration and options for administration
  • Eliminate older, problematic voice cabling infrastructure
  • Flexible service options
  • Lower monthly cost than existing service
  • Rich with features like auto attendant, voicemail to email integration, conferencing, and chat services
  • Simple moves, adds, and changes
  • SIP trunks can eliminate all long-distance charges

Benefits of Cloud based PBX solution

  • Administration provided with service
  • Bundled pricing includes free, unlimited long-distance
  • Little or no maintenance cost
  • Little, if any, capital expense or initial investment required
  • Numerous features bundled with solution
  • Scalable service to meet future demands

Contact Resnet today to learn how to provide affordable and reliable voice services to your residents.

Did you know RESNET offers a Free Voice Analysis ?

That’s right! Through our FREE extensive voice analysis, our voice specialist will analyze your current voice platform, compare the features/functionality against what your business demands, and determine if our solutions will save you money. If so, we can demonstrate in detail how we will accomplish that.

Why would we provide this service for free? Simple! In most instances, we find that we can provide a more feature-rich, collaborative voice service to better meet your business needs at a LOWER cost than what you pay today! Many of our customers have had the same voice service for years, and because of that, they are missing out on the many new features introduced to this industry over time, as well as the associated cost savings.

We invite you to take us up on our free voice analysis! What do you have to lose? Contact us today at 844-669-7688, or email us at info@myresnetsolutions.com and let us go to work for you!

Resident Voice Solutions

Are your residents responsible for procurement of their own voice service? Do they contact the local phone company and arrange and pay for their own service? If so, it is almost a guarantee that they pay too much for simple phone service and you are missing out on a great revenue opportunity!

Why allow phone companies to deal directly with your residents, charging them a premium for voice service, when you can provide that at a much cheaper rate for the entire community? At Resnet, we specialize in providing voice communications to residential communities. We sell the service to you, the property manager, which you can then resell to your residents (if you choose to do so) at a MUCH lower cost than what they would pay directly to the phone company! Our solutions are delivered as a service, so there is no impact or involvement required on your behalf.

Our team provides voice management to assure that each resident gets the quality service they demand. We also eliminate all long-distance charges and provide residents with a consistent monthly cost that never changes, saving them even more money. Who would argue with that? “Keeping your Residents Connected and Happy” is our pledge to you, and this is one way we can do that. Our resident voice solutions are a win-win for everyone. Contact us today for details.

Voice Management with NetOps

Constantly at work for you, our NetOps team is the strength behind our voice solutions. This team of highly trained engineers, along with our advanced software and support systems, provides you the assurance that support experts are just a phone call away in the unlikely event you experience problems. Through our sophisticated support systems, should you experience a problem, we will likely know about it before you will, and we will intervene to keep systems operational.

Our proactive approach to problem identification and management is what distinguishes us from our competitors. Our expert NetOps team id always available and always working to keep you and your residents HAPPY!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss our voice solutions, please contact us at 844-669-7688, or email at info@myresnetsolutions.com for more information.