Our Process

Resnet relies on our years of experience and knowledge to develop and implement fast and reliable networks for multi-unit residences. We use cutting-edge wireless design tools to evaluate and create a network that serves your residence’s needs. Our multi-step process is comprehensive and ensures the success of your network.

On-Site Survey/Predictive Survey

We work with both existing facilities and buildings that are under construction. For existing residences, we perform an on-site survey to judge the strength of your current Wi-Fi and evaluate your needs. For residences still in the design phase, we meticulously review blueprints in order to determine the factors that will affect your Wi-Fi.

We take the following and more into account when assessing your network:

  • Building materials
  • Building layout
  • Number and location of Wi-Fi access points
  • Number of users
  • Residents’ network needs
  • Nearby frequencies that could affect Wi-Fi transmission

Create a Design

After the site survey or blueprint review, we discuss your needs. Using what we have learned, we develop a plan that will give you a network your residents can depend on. You are involved in every step of the process, and we continually seek your input. Once we have developed a network design that is perfect for your residence, we install your custom-designed network.


We know how hard it is for multi-unit residences to schedule construction or renovation. Our implementation process takes your residents into account and ensures that our construction is as minimally invasive as possible. During step three, we install network cabling and access points according to the design we have created.

Post-Assessment Survey

Our post-assessment survey is similar to the site survey. Using high-tech networking tools, we evaluate your facility and the network we’ve just created to ensure everything works properly.

Launch & Management

Once we have ensured your network functions properly, we launch operations so your residents can be connected and happy. If you choose to use our NetOps service, we then begin managing your network and proactively solving problems before they become serious issues.