Gone are the days of no alternatives to traditional landline phones. The traditional landline phone is what we are all familiar with, but now there is the choice of Voice-over Internet Protocol service. VoIP service is currently gaining more and more attention and customers.

Traditional landline setups are generally expensive for what you get. It includes a host of taxes, regulatory fees, and other charges that can easily add $15 to your monthly bill. Even though cost of landline services has dropped over the last decade, Internet phone service has emerged as a more affordable option. With WiFi, you can enjoy the convenience of a whole-house landline without spending money on a local telecommunications provider.

The Wall Street Journal reports that more than 25 percent of households in America have stopped subscribing to home phone service. Even basic VoIP packages include a number of features, such as videoconferencing and international calls.

Another major advantage of VoIP is its ability to support an unlimited number of phone lines. A landline system is physically limited to the number of lines you have connected. To add more, you must upgrade your system and install more phone lines. With VoIP, you use a single internet connection for everything. This drastically reduces the setup and maintenance costs.

Further, using Internet resources for your retirement community can reduce or eliminate the need for traditional postal mailing and all of the costs associated with that contact method. The Internet makes it easy to stay in contact with family and loved ones through email and online networking tools such as discussion boards, chat rooms, and social networking sites like Facebook.