The trend of using mobile Internet has been increasing steadily among today’s workforce. Everyone expects to access WiFi hotspots wherever possible. It is quite common for Retirement Communities to entertain family members and other visitors every day. A lot of these visitors are adult children and grandchildren who are used to having their smart phones and tablets handy. Residents want for their guests to have the convenience of WiFi when visiting so they will feel at more home. Recently, retirement communities have been making swift moves to meet this demand by offering free WiFi to everyone who steps through their doors.

Because the Internet is an integral part of our lives, offering reliable high speed Internet is necessary for senior living communities that want a competitive edge in their market. A guest WiFi network works as an added incentive for families to prefer your community to others. Communities that provide this modern amenity improve their position in the modern marketplace. Messages and advertising can be featured on the resident and guest login screens. Additionally, you can ask your guests to “Like” and follow your business’s social media pages when they are logging in or out of your guest WiFi network.

Retirement homes should consider creating a separate Wi-Fi guest network. A guest network uses a different SSID from the wireless network that your staff and your residents access. It’s designed specifically to provide visitors and family members with Internet access while keeping the main WiFi network separate and secure. A separate sub-network for guests prevents confidential internal information from risk of exposure and reduces the risk of devices contracting harmful viruses.